1895 Morgan Dollar PR61 PCGS

The 1895 Morgan dollar is famously available in proof format only and generates an almost incomparable degree of intrigue among series enthusiasts. It has been well-documented that the official records show a production of 12,000 circulation strikes in 1895. Collectors have long debated as to whether that figure represents an erroneous entry, whether the coins were, indeed, produced but melted later on, or whether there are unreported examples somewhere out there. The latter possibility seems highly unlikely, considering that more than 120 years have passed without a single example coming to light. Until one does, collectors must compete for one of the 880 proofs manufactured. Don't miss this opportunity to add this to your collection.
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Item Details
Year/MM 1895
Grading Service PCGS
Grade PR61
Certification Number 5806894
Mint Philadelphia
Strike Proof
Numeric Grade 61