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A Silver Price Forecast For 2024

Thursday, November 16, 2023

11.16.23 - A Silver Price Forecast For 2024

Gold last traded at $1,980 an ounce. Silver at $23.73 an ounce.

A Silver Price Forecast For 2024 -InvestingHaven

The price of silver will move to our first bullish target of 34.70 USD in 2024. We predict 48 USD soon after, in 2024, not later than mid-2025.

Silver will move higher in 2024 as soon as the topping pattern in Yields is confirmed. The US Dollar did already confirm its inability to stage a bull run which is supportive for precious metals. Moreover, our silver price forecast 2024 is supported by leading indicators like inflation expectations and the silver CoT report reflecting positioning in the silver futures market. They all suggest a strongly bullish 2024 for silver. That’s why our silver price forecast for 2024 is 34.70 USD. Note that this is our first bullish target, also a longstanding target that we expected to be hit in 2023. Once silver trades near 36 USD it will be a matter of time until it will move to its all-time highs. We recently tipped silver as the precious metal to buy for 2024.

Nowadays, the web is full of fake silver price forecasts. Many sites publish large tables, generated by AI, with price calculations for the next years, positioning those endless series of numbers as silver price forecasts.

We have a very different view on how to predict the price of silver. If you are looking to understand the true dynamics driving the silver price, you will love our silver price prediction rationale and methodology.

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