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1907 $20 St. Gaudens High Relief Wire Rim


A superior quality High Relief with exceptional eye appeal.


Sculpture in the first half of the 19th century was dominated by the influence of Italy. In the 1860s, Neoclassicism began to fall out of favor and the influence of sculpture rapidly shifted to Paris. Augustus Saint-Gaudens had the opportunity to study and work in both Paris and Rome in the late-1860s and early-1870s. Sculptors in both cities were a small, tight-knit group and everyone seems to have known each other. As the years progressed, Paul Dubois, and later Rodin, emerged as the leading sculptors in France, while Augustus Saint-Gaudens dominated the plastic arts in the United States. Both men stood as pioneers in what evolved into the national art in each country. Saint-Gaudens surrounded himself with devoted and talented students, modeled after the atelier system that had been in use in France since the Renaissance. Included in his workshop were such sculptors and (later) well-known numismatic engravers such as Adolph Weinman, Bela Pratt, Charles Keck, John Flanagan, James and Laura Fraser. But foremost among all his assistants was Henry Hering, who was the intermediary between Saint-Gaudens and mint personnel. Hering accomplished much of the final engraving on the High Relief double eagle, making it considerably easier to translate Saint-Gaudens' sculptural concepts into coin form. This is a remarkably well-preserved near-Gem. The surfaces are bright, satiny yellow-gold and show no readily discernible contact marks. Fully struck. Value $45000


Price $41,500



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